This vast 15-acre grass lawn is conveniently located at the intersection of Route 209 and Neversink Drive. It successfully hosted big carnivals and festivals with a 1,500 car parking space. It is a perfect place for outdoor events and activities! 

  • Area: includes 15 Acres of Open Space
  • Electrical: includes 3 major utility boxes; 300 amps; 9+ electric panels for the whole field to use 
  • Parking: can facilitate up to 1,500 vehicles 
  • Accessibility: features two entrances accessible on both Route 209 and Neversink Drive 

This arena was the venue for Olympic horse races in 1990s. Today, you can still see its glorious history in the building. This wide open space with the rare long-span steel truss roof can accommodate large indoor fairs, festivals, and activities without feeling crowded.  

  • Area: 62,000 sq feet
  • Height: 19-31 feet
  • Capacity: 5,000 people 
  • Lighting: 140 overhead lights 
  • Seating Capacity: 1000 seats around the perimeter
  • Power Capacity: 240KW
  • Accessibility: Large entrance can facilitate large vehicles
  • Amenities: Wi-Fi, Restrooms

This space is attached to the arena. It is a good choice for indoor flea market and farmers’ market.

  • Area: 8,300 sq feet 
  • Height: 21 feet
  • Capacity: 500 people
  • Lighting: 21 lights
  • Accessibility: Large entrance can facilitate large vehicles

This place was beautifully designed as the  VIP room in the horse shows and it has been renovated as a multi-purpose room. It is a great place for conferences, catering, parties, weddings, film screening, forums, workshops, and so on.

  • Main Room Area: 1,200 sq feet
  • Prepared room: 280 sq feet
  • Height: 9 feet
  • Amenities: Wheelchair accessible, wi-fi access, projector & AV system, AC & heating, two restrooms

This room is a beautiful double-height pavilion roof design. It has a spacious balcony and a great view to the big grass lawn. Its graceful decoration is good for VIP reception, catering, party and etc.

  • Area: 1,200 sq feet  
  • Balcony: 740 sq feet
  • Amenities: Cocktail bar, Wi-Fi Projector & AV System, AC & heating systems